I used to exercise because I felt like I needed to. Now I workout and go to classes because I love to!!  Thank you to Krista and all the amazing instructors at the Pilates Point Studio!!!  I have never felt better!!!

-Deb, July 2019

Krista is such a good instructor, both showing how to do exercises and making sure you're maintaining proper form. They're challenging workouts and I feel great afterwards! I've only just started taking classes but I'm hooked and can't wait to try even more with some of the other instructors!

-Lauren, March 2019

Krista is great and teaches such a fun barre class. Can’t wait to try more!

-Haley, October 2018

Can’t wait to try more classes! I love everything about this studio- classes for all levels and great instructors!

- Katie, July 2018

This is the best shape I’ve been in for quite some time. I worked my butt off for this body and I owe it all to Pilates. They say after 30 classes, you’ll have a whole new body. I’m a believer.

- Brandi, May 2018

The reformer class is invigorating, technical, and rewarding. I've had on and off again back issues for over 25 years, and I have struggled with proper posture. After just one class, I was already standing straighter which was a complete surprise to me. So much so, that I told Krista I needed to come back to make sure it wasn't a fluke. Good news, it wasn't. :) Krista is thoughtful, accommodating, and her love for what she does is infectious. I'm looking forward to my next class!

- Natalie, February 2018

I took the Restorative Yoga Class with Jeanette Paola. This class is amazing for relaxation. I would highly recommend to anyone with low back pain or to really stretch, relax, and unwind. It was perfect for releasing my "Mom stress"! I would take this class every week.

- Jill, February 2018

I've been going to Krista's VBarre classes since January. It has been a fantastic experience. Each week she adds something new to the class. I look forward to going each week to see how she challenges me. I highly recommend Krista Perry Pilates!

- Holly, February 2018

I loved my VBarre class today! Krista is a very knowledgeable instructor with the kind of energy that made the class fun and challenging. I can't wait for my next class!

- Michelle, August 2017

I absolutely loved VBarre/Mat class. I never liked Pilates in the past however, after taking classes with Krista Perry I have found proper instruction and kindness I absolutely love it. I recommend it highly.

- Anna, August 2017

Krista is an extremely knowledgeable instructor who's high energy makes every class a fun learning experience. She pays great attention to each person in the class and has a brilliant way of explaining things to make sure you're getting the most of the exercises. I absolutely recommend.

- Frances, August 2017